The Best Claw Clips for Thin to Thick Hair

In the ever-evolving world of hair accessories, one trend that has clawed its way back into the limelight, and revolutionizing the way we style our luscious locks – is the claw clip.  The fashion forward hair staple here to rescue you from mundane hair days and transform your mane. From thin to thick hair, here are some of the best claw clips for your tresses.

Shop Clip N°1

Starting off with a classic rectangular claw clip Clip No.1, this minimalist clip comes in four sizes from small to extra large perfect for the shortest bobs to the thickest strands.  Anyone will fall in love with its sleek shape and reliable hold.  Whether you’re jogging through the streets of your city or circling the block for a cute coffee spot, this is one clip you want to always carry.  Not to mention its wide assortment of color and design makes it the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Shop Signature Clips

Let’s be real, plastic claw clips don’t always work with the thickest strands and tend to break easily, which gives you all the more reason to try out a metal clip- the far more durable option than their plastic counterpart.  Try out the Signature Claw Clip, a sleek, durable design sure to attract compliments and last you a lifetime. Its incredibly strong grip and strong build keeps your hair secure throughout the day, while looking less bulky.  The Signature Clip can be dressed up or down, and it comes in a few colors so you can match it to your outfit of the day.


Shop Clip N°2

Now, if your part of the fine or thin to medium tresses club, its important to find a clip that wont slip or slide out of your strands as soon as you put it on.  The interlocking design of Clip No 2 makes it the perfect clip to wear if you have thin to medium thickness hair.  Its beautiful moon shape no-slip design is the best modern take on a classic jaw clip. Its effortless, sleek design has made this claw clip shape highly desirable and trendy in fashion.

Shop Butterfly Clips

And finally, lets talk butterfly clips, all the rage in the 90’s with celebrity on-screen teens like Lizzie McGuire to Jennifer Aniston rocking their updos.  Now, the hair accessory is back more popular than ever with red carpet features and trending tutorials on TikTok.  Our favorite butterfly clips are made with 100% biodegradable materials that produce the most beautiful patterns.  If you thought jewelry was the best way to dress up your outfit, think again - you need to see this clip.