Are Claw Clips Harmful to your hair?

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This 90’s hair accessory is back, and for a good reason.  Unlike hair elastics that may pull and snag on the hair causing breakage, and other fabric accessories that may wick moisture from your hair, claw clips are a healthier alternative that doesn’t place a lot of pressure on your hair and are gentle when used correctly.  

When wearing hair clips, you should consider two factors to ensure your hair stays as healthy as possible.

Choosing a Clip

To avoid damaging the hair with a claw clip, choose a clip with smooth and seamless edges.  No sharp areas along the teeth of the clip, and covered spring hinges to avoid your hair getting caught.

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Our hand-crafted hair clips are derived from wood pulp and cotton to create sheets of cellulose acetate.  A strong, yet flexible material. Each Clip is hand assembled and polished to create smooth edges that prevent any hair damage that sharp hair claws may cause. Each clip also has hinge protection to ensure that the springs are not exposed.

How to Wear your Clip

There are many ways you can style and wear your clip that we demonstrate on our socials.  One key factor to keep in mind is, you should never wrap your hair too tightly to fit a clip.  Furthermore, try changing up the way you wear your clip from time to time.  Wearing the same hairstyle from one day to the next can cause additional pressure on your hair and scalp.


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Thankfully claw clips are one of the most versatile hair accessories and you can find hundreds of hair tutorials on how style it!  If you are looking for the perfect everyday clip you can find our favorites here!