Effortlessly Stylish: Back to School Claw Clip Hairstyles to Rock This Season

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The back-to-school season is just around the corner!  Whether you're a student getting ready to hit the books or a teacher prepping your classroom, one thing is for sure: effortless and beautiful hairstyles are a must!  Here's some cute back-to-school claw clip hairstyles that will have you looking effortlessly put together in no time.

1. The Classic Half-Up Twist:

Start your school year with a touch of elegance and simplicity. Gather the top section of your hair, twist it gently, and secure it with a cute butterfly clip at the back of your head. This timeless look keeps your hair out of your face while maintaining a relaxed vibe that's perfect for a day of learning.

Butterfly Clip


2. Low Bun Glam:

Need a quick put together updo?  The low bun is your go-to. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist upwards, secure your hair from underneath with a Loop Clip like our Signature Clip, and twist around the clip to create a bun. It's a professional look that transitions seamlessly from the classroom to an after-school study session.

Signature Clip


3. Effortless Sweep:

For a carefree yet stylish appearance, create a low bun with an elastic and leave half of your hair out.  Now secure it with a cute claw clip like our Jolie Clip just above your bun. This look is perfect for those days when you're running a bit late but still want to look effortlessly cute.

Jolie Clip

4. Casual Chic Ponytail:

Who says ponytails have to be boring? Elevate your everyday ponytail game by securing it with a decorative claw clip. Opt for a bold and colorful clip to add a pop of excitement to your look with our Clip No.2 

Clip No.2

5. Classic Clip Twist:

The Classic Claw clip is always an easy go to.  We styled ours using the Slate Clip in size medium, and it strikes the perfect balance between trendy and relaxed! 

Claw Clip No.1

As you step into a new school year, don't let the morning rush stop you from flaunting cute styles.  So, grab your favorite claw clips, experiment with these looks, and get ready to conquer the school year in style. Until next time, stay fabulous!